Chemistry- Leadership Metaphor for a Disrupting World

Date: 29/04/2019   l   Category: Entrepreneurship

I classify leadership behavior into two metaphor - ‘harem’ and ‘chemical.’ Harem is private space traditionally understood as serving the purposes of maintaining the modesty, privilege, and protection of women. Harem style of leaders accumulate team members whom they indoctrinate, enforcing beliefs that business works in a certain way and then want them to work using their mindset.

A chemical reaction leads to the transformation of chemical substances, yielding products, which are different from the initial reactants.

Chemical leaders believe that they need to learn new ways of thinking and doing because current business models need reinvention. They create teams with members having different viewpoints, that ‘chemically’ interact with each other, creating new ways of managing in a rapidly (digitally) disrupting world.

Chemical leaders disrupt their organizations from within using controlled ‘chemistry’ of different views. I emphasize ‘controlled chemistry experiments’ that doesn’t destabilize the organization.

Continuity of organizations require validation of ideas through experimentation with customers. Beliefs can no longer be the basis of decision making. Entrepreneurs and customers are disrupting every business model. And 5G data speeds will accelerate disruption of all value chains.