Outsource your own Job - Why is it imperative to LEARN Entrepreneurship in disruptive times

Date: 19/03/2019   l   Category: Entrepreneurship

I guess because it enables us to craft the lives we dream (and desire) of living.

Many of us studied to become employees and build socially acceptable and successful lives.

We now need to become ready for the full range of possibilities (starting our own business) and challenges (the digital disruption in every job) ahead.

Best way to do this - Outsource your own job from the company.

These choices require a depth of knowledge of your chosen discipline, as well as creative problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, experience working on effective teams, and adaptability in an ever-changing environment.

These are entrepreneurship skills, which will prepare you to identify and address both the challenges and opportunities.


Entrepreneurship is learned by using:

- Our Imagination - envisioning things that don’t exist.

- Our Creativity – applied ingenuity to address opportunities and challenges.

- Innovation - applying creativity to create unique solutions.

- Scaling an idea - by inspiring others (for money, resources and talent)


Entrepreneurship education will help you engage with the world and envision what might be different; experiment with creative solutions to the problems; ability to reframe issues to come up with unique ideas; and then work persistently to scale their ideas.

Entrepreneurship education will empower you to see the world as opportunity-rich, and to create a life you want to live.

This is the thinking that underlies my StartSmart Entrepreneurship Program for entrepreneurs keen to start companies in Dubai (starting May 2019) and Bangalore (starting August 2019).

In summer May 3rd week, I will launch a summer program for High School in Mumbai and follow it with another program for High School Students in July 2019 in Dubai.