Date: 18/04/2019   l   Category: Entrepreneurship

Zyeal principle - best way to learn Entrepreneurship by Living the life of an Entrepreneur in the classroom.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about starting companies. Entrepreneurship is about having a vision and making it a reality. Everyone can be entrepreneurial. Zyeal focus is on nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset - a disposition that influences a person towards opportunities to solve real-world problems using their ingenuity. Entrepreneurial mindset consists of – being curious, observant, optimistic, persistent and resourceful, and an ability to empathize. The undercurrent of these traits is a self-belief that it is possible to learn, do, and achieve.

Zyeal Students will acquire skills that entrepreneurs use to realize opportunities. Entrepreneurs are adept at solving problems using their ingenuity. Entrepreneurial abilities are – creatively define issues to see opportunity, do experiments with customers, a willingness to abandon plans which don’t work, working with people, and communicate their thinking in simple language.


Zyeal program consists of over 200 curated and edited videos and adapted sixteen learning activities. Together with a teacher training material. Program is modular. Like Lego it can be adapted to wide variety of school settings. www.zyeal.com