Why the name StartSmart was created?

Date: 07/03/2019   l   Category: Entrepreneurship

StartSmart Entrepreneurship Program designed to enable entrepreneurs to start and test their business just in 16-weeks while studying/working. In the program learning and business incubation/startup happen together. We handhold each participant to start, test and develop their business idea. The program goal is to prepare a robust pitch document for investors (even if it is to your own family). StartSmart name is based on the following features of the program:

• Test practicality and feasibility of a business idea

• Establish business metrics with customers

• Identify resources and money required

• Use the test as a basis of convincing investors, for raising capital

• Guidance/mentoring from faculty an entrepreneur

The curriculum, consisting of curated and edited videos, is available on (www.zyeal.com) that can be used at any time. This ensures that contact sessions every week focus on the execution of business. Also, anyone who wants to self-learn and implement his business idea has a choice. Materials to start a business are accessible on digital incubator (www.incub8tor.com). An entrepreneur can self-assess readiness to raise capital (www.beinvestible.com).