What entrepreneurs learn from extreme sports

Date: 02/04/2019   l   Category: Entrepreneurship

Outsiders assume that extreme sports are about risk taking. Extreme sportspersons don't describe risk-taking as their lived experience.  They recognize that the possible outcome of a mistake can result in death. Yet risk is not their focus. Preparation is.

Extreme sportspersons prepare diligently.  Preparation and practice prepare them to manage risk. Repeated practice enables them to recognize danger, assess risk, and manage risk. A key idea that I discovered in my readings is the ability of extreme sportspersons to break down/visualize their actions/movements into what I label ‘Nano-chunks,’ small byte sized moves, and prepare for managing each micro-movement/situation. The victory of extreme sports is winning many Nano-chunks. Even if a few micro-moments go awry, they still win.

In my experience of helping entrepreneurs start, I can say that a startup is a collection of many micro-steps implemented to a pattern. Entrepreneurs do exactly what extreme sportspersons do. Break their startup into a series of Nano-steps, each to establish a business assumption. Entrepreneurs recognize risk but don’t focus on it. Their strategy of micro-step execution is similar to extreme sportspersons.

Launching a business is like an extreme sport in more ways than we think.

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