why dfrmp?

Date: 18/06/2020   l   Category: Business

Hence all retail professionals have to acquire digital thinking as they take everyday business decisions.


I designed this program with this in mind; if I was a retail professional, what new skills would I need.


And I launched the program after I have transformed myself by acquiring and implementing new capabilities.


The DigitalFirst Retail Program (DFR) is for you, if:


  • You are a retail professional
  • Have been in the industry for more than 10 years
  • And feel the need to invest in your skills to be capable and competent


And wish to learn how to:


  • Establish and manage Create and Manage an eCommerce business
  • Establish and manage an omnichannel retail business
  • Create and execute a digital marketing strategy for a retail industry
  • Build data analytics capability


As I created the program, I discovered that no program from any Institute or College or Business School in the world comes close in terms of content. Since I am a practitioner, I know what is needed, I have experienced the need.




  • Most colleges and schools were teaching from a brick and mortar perspective
  • I designed the program from a customer centric perspective
  • Most colleges looked at digital as an adjunct strategy
  • I created the program from a customer engagement perspective, and hence it became a digital-first program


What is unique about DFR?


  • The curriculum is forward-looking, created with emphasis on the digital-first approach.
  • This means that every decision and choice made by managers is based on a digital customer and their journey
  • You will learn eCommerce, Omnichannel, Digital Marketing, Merchandising, Pricing, etc. from a digital mindset.
  • You will learn how to be entrepreneurial using an agile mindset to test and discover new retail strategies.
  • Combination of academics and practitioners (entrepreneurs) who have done it and speak from experience.


The rest of my thoughts are presented based on the topics: Model, Curriculum, Network, Faculty, and ROI.


Model: The program is modeled on getting professionals to return to college to go through an intensive program, without having to leave their jobs.

Program Curriculum: The curriculum is designed by a retail professional. It is curated, and learning happens in six phases. Program topics are - Ecommerce, omnichannel, finance and metrics in a digital world, merchandising, and digital marketing.


Each phase is uniquely designed to give a full spectrum of theoretical and case-based learning experiences. The NYIM certification on completion adds value to the program.


Faculty: The Faculty is highly experienced. The professors use a unique approach to address the management issues for retail industry with the help of case studies, giving a holistic overview of the practical managerial situations.


Network: You meet people from diverse career backgrounds who are at different senior levels in their careers. This boosts the classroom discussions as well as you gain a lot of professional insights. You get to become a part of the most dynamic group of friends that you can leverage on at any given point in your career.


ROI: The course offers ample benefits. Several intangible assets like strong alumni connection, a network you can leverage upon anytime in life. The award of certification that recognizes your learning throughout the tenure, adding the highest value to the ROI. The program will make a difference in every candidate’s career life in different ways (in their current company or outside). A personality change in the participant is experienced by their family and peers after the course. This is based on a shift in perspective that occurs. You become more nuanced, more sensitive, and more in-depth.